Lubię góry. Ciężar plecaka i równy rytm kroków. Krople deszczu na skórze i drzewa. Podróże, sushi i moją kuchnię. Kocham koty. Dobrą książkę, półsłodkie wino. Leniwe popołudnia. Moją pracę.

Chciałabym być jak Esme Weatherwax, bliżej mi jednak do Agness Nitt - ona miała swoją Perditę, a ja mam moją Usagi...


16 September 2015

Pequenino: They never know anything. They don't have enough years in their little lives to come to an understanding of anything at all. And yet they think they understand. From earliest childhood, they delude themselves into thinking they comprehend the world, while all that's really going on is they've got some primitive assumptions and prejudices. As they get older they learn a more elevated vocabulary in which to express their mindless psuedo-knowledge and bully other people into accepting their prejudices as they were truth, but it all amounts to the same thing. Individually, human beings are all dolts.

Hive Queen: While collectively...

Pequenino: Collectively, they're a collection of dolts. But in all their scurrying around and pretending to be wise, throwing out idiotic half-understood theoriesabout this and that, one or two of them will come up with some idea that is just a little bit closer to the truth than is what was already known. And in a sort of fumbling trial and error, about half the time the truth actually rises to the top and becomes accepted by people who still don't understand it, who simply adopt it as a new prejudice to be trusted blindly until the next dolt accidentally comes up with an improvement.

Hive Queen: So you're saying that no one is ever individually intelligent, and groups are even stupider than individuals-and yet by keeping so many fools engaged in pretending to be intelligent, the still come up with some of the same results that an intelligent species would come up with.

Pequenino: Exactly.

Hive Queen: If they're so stupid and we're so intelligent, why do we only have one hive, which thrives here because a human carried us? And why have you been so utterly dependent on them for every technical and scientific advance you make?

Pequenino: Maybe intelligence isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Hive Queen: Maybe we're the fools, for thinking we know things. Maybe humans are the only ones who can deal with the fact that nothing can ever be known at all.

--Orson Scott Card, Xenocide

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