Lubię góry. Ciężar plecaka i równy rytm kroków. Krople deszczu na skórze i drzewa. Podróże, sushi i moją kuchnię. Kocham koty. Dobrą książkę, półsłodkie wino. Leniwe popołudnia. Moją pracę.

Chciałabym być jak Esme Weatherwax, bliżej mi jednak do Agness Nitt - ona miała swoją Perditę, a ja mam moją Usagi...
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04 November 2013

Sometimes I feel like all my life was a big mistake.

"Don't die, don't die..."

Elone Weatherwax

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07 November 2013

"I needed break before I crush, so I left and not really in this world any more. At Borderlands of Augury Rocks I found something more - honor, courage and magic. Every night is better, we are more fierce in our battles, because we know: "Stick with your commander! They come, they die! Buff-buff-buff, veil before me, stability and... PUSH!".

At Garrison we unleashed hell yesterday Hail, KLM!"

Elone Weatherwax

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13 November 2013

Mam coś na kształt wolnego dnia...
Edit: 30 sekund później pierwszy SMS...
Edit: godzina później - pierwszy mail
Edit: 90 minut później - 2 telefony
Edit: 3 godziny później - 5 maili
Edit: 15 minut później - 2 problemy z powodu jakichś baranów od API
Edit: 11 godzin później - chat with KLM ^^

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16 November 2013

"You can't make connections with ppl only because it's reasonable. You can't always count pluses and minuses of knowing them. It doesn't work. That way you are always alone and you just hurt them. Try to make connections not because of something but just because they are. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes you need to work on that, but it's the only way to make friends.

And the saddest thing in the world, the only thing you will regret when old, it's all the wasted chances. I don't want to waste any at all. "

But I give up. I tried. There was no point anyway.

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18 November 2013

What can I say, it's something wrong with us. We scream at each other all the time. He makes me so mad I could kill him. We switch off, ban each other and then next day we start again. It is just a game, but I am addicted now. I can't stop. Anger is good, I am not feeling so tired then. I am hurt, upset, disappointed but more alive.

So many alone, unhappy ppl, that lost their lives in always-time work, not only me or him. It's really sad.

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19 November 2013

Talking about Life, the Universe and Everything in full armor, with greatsword, and under attack on a camp is very hard sometimes. It's easier, when you already dead. But no, it wouldn't be a challenge. So:

Dodge right, line of warding, buff-buff-buff, "Hi Elone, how are you today?", switch to greatsword, pull, whirlwind, "Thx KLM, I am fine, and you?", switch to staff, dodge left, jump, stand your ground, "Same, look out. From left. Blob." "O shit" buff buff buff, hold the line, "so KLm how (dodge dodge) was (line of warding) at work today?". Switch to greatsword, leap, dodge, whirlwind "Good, not many ppl (go supply pod, push), and the weather is (doylak!!!!) so... Elone, stop dying, focus gril, focus!" Heal, virtues, stand your ground. "Stop that. (buff-buff-buff) I am not dying... yet ". etc....

3 minutes till troops arrived, 2 talkative guardians vs full blob (30 ppl). Everything is possible with right person by your side.

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20 November 2013

I love mornings like that. Somewhere over the Mists, scouting Hills, refreshing sieges... Sun doesn't wake up yet, snow is so cold and glimmers like stars. I am watching from the highest rock and see it all. Ruins, towers and camps, everything behind the mist. Fire on Stargroove, death is coming... But still so peaceful and quiet here...

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27 November 2013

Longing somewhere on the very edge of consciousness. There are others, yes. I am trained by the bests and I am learning fast. I am one of them now, not alone anymore. Running with the pack.

And still... the miss. 

I hope you're doing fine wherever you are. One day we'll meet again under the different sky and under different stars. In some better place in the the Mists.

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