Lubię góry. Ciężar plecaka i równy rytm kroków. Krople deszczu na skórze i drzewa. Podróże, sushi i moją kuchnię. Kocham koty. Dobrą książkę, półsłodkie wino. Leniwe popołudnia. Moją pracę.

Chciałabym być jak Esme Weatherwax, bliżej mi jednak do Agness Nitt - ona miała swoją Perditę, a ja mam moją Usagi...

Have you thought of going into teaching?

Mort, Terry Pratchett

'It would seem that you have no useful skill or talent whatsoever,' he said. 'Have you thought of going into teaching?'

The greatest tragedy

Moving Pictures, Terry Pratchett

'You know what the greatest tragedy is in the whole world?' said Ginger, not paying him the least attention. 'It's all the people who never find out what it is they really want to do or what it is they're really good at. It's all the sons who become blacksmiths because their fathers were blacksmiths. It's all the people who could be really fantastic flute players who grow old and die without even seeing a musical instrument, so they become bad plougtmen instead. It's all the people with talents who never even find out. Maybe they are never ever born in a time when it's even possible to find out.'
She took a deep breath. 'It's all the people who never get to know what it is they can really be. It's all the wasted chances.'


Sourcery, Terry Pratchett

'Talent just defines what you do,' he said. 'It doesn't define what you are. Deep down, I mean. When you know what you are, you can do anything.'
He thought a bit more and added, 'That's what makes sourcerers so powerful. The important thing is to know what you really are.'


Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett

Particles of raw inspiration sleet through the universe all the time. Every once in a while one of them hits a receptive mind, which then invents DNA or the flute sonata form or a way of making lights bulbs wear out in half the time. But most of them miss. Most people go through their lives without being hit by even one.
Some people are even more unfortunate. They get them all.

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